Race Sim Studio (RSS)

I am proud to announce to be a partner of Race Sim Studio. Race Sim Studio is a leading 3D modelling service specialising in the creation of vehicles for businesses, personal users, and driving simulators. The team combines the talents of some of the best 3D Modellers, Sound Designers and Physics Experts to create the finest examples of vehicle simulation projects currently available. 

I am working as a professional freelance autosport photographer for Dutch Photo Agency and I know my way around the tracks all over the world. Finding the right angles and perfect spots for the most spectacular sport images possible. I am using this knowledge to produce exiting images out of the simulator. A lot of shots are basically the same as in real live, but because it is a simulator I can go to photo spots that are impossible in real life for obvious reasons. The images are for promotional purpose.

The differences between reality and simulation are fading away. See if you can spot the real Nick de Vries in the images below. Hover over the photo to see which one is real.

Some examples out of Assetto Corsa, using the RSS cars